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Have You Considered Mt Baldy?

Posted on Sep 06, 2022 in Okanagan Community information

HAVE YOU CONSIDERED MT BALDY?Mt Baldy Ski Hill, Oliver, Osoyoos, BC
The South Okanagan has long been known for the vineyards, desert, golfing and lakes. 

Did you know we also have skiing, snowboarding and all the joys of mountain activities? 

We have been big fans of Mt Baldy all our lives!  Baldy Mountain is a high alpine treasure, where the Nk’mip Desert meets the inland rainforest of t...

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Hidden Gems of the South Okangan

Posted on Jul 27, 2022 in Okanagan Community information

We love the South Okanagan! And we are always proud to show off the amazing communities, activities and geography. Of course we cannot pick just one so we thought we would tell you a few of the wonderful hidden gems that not all visitors know about! We would love to hear your feedback on your favourites too.Oliver, BC, McIntyre Bluff, Okanagan, Vineyards

Nestled between the Okanagan Lak...

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