Do You Live in a Strata?

Do you live within a strata? 

If so, you always need to be aware of the rules and bylaws within your complex. If you're buying within a strata, a great company to get advice on your strata documents before buying is Condo Clear Services. They will read over your documents, answer your questions and help you navigate your way through all the paperwork you must read over.

Over the holidays, make sure you are aware of your bylaws regarding all your holiday decor. Some of the more common festive bylaws/rules we’ve seen include:

  • Restrictions on live or fresh cut Christmas trees.
  • Restrictions on decor for your main door to your home and outside your door and obstructing hallways.
  • Restrictions on hanging decorations or lighting from unit doors, balconies or in windows.
  • Restrictions on what type of lights you can use
  • Restrictions on insurance regarding your Christmas trees
  • Restrictions on when or for how long residents are allowed to display holiday decorations or lighting.

If you are ever not sure, always make sure to check! You don't want to get a fine from your strata for not following the rules. For more tips, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or our blog.